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    The Importance of Reputable Property Agency

    The importance of a reputation when it comes to a property agency can really mean a life or death for that particular company. The saying “it takes years to build trust, and only seconds to destroy it”, cannot be more true to most companies and Property Agency is one of the companies that thrive in trust and communication. This is because property agencies hire talents and they come in the form of property agents.

    Now, searching for a property that will suit your requirement is no easy task. In order to get there, you will need to firstly know the area well, and you will then need to know which property belongs to who, and you will also need to know exactly who you can trust in getting you the deal with the property owner.

    With all the above being said, property agencies come to mind as they are the ones who can definitely understand your picture of “perfect property” with their talented property agents and these property agents also are the ones who are responsible to bridge you to the right person with the right deals. Well, that sounds easy enough! Not quite! As “easy” as it sounds, you must always remain vigilant and skeptical. So, let’s dive into what you will need to know about a property agency and their property agents before you can trust them.

    A Reputable Property Agency, Check!

    property agency


    You cannot go far in life without connecting with people. This is why you will truly see how a property agent truly cares about you, not only as a property seeker, but also as a human being. Property agents will always try to find out as much information as they can with you, as their client, regarding how you’d like to publicize your property and which particular specialty that you’d like for your property to be sold to the buyer if you’re the landowner, and what feature you’d like for a property or how much budget you’re willing to spend for the property if you’re the buyer.

    Having figured all the information out from you, they will then seek out the potential buyers or landowners for you and they will always be by your side when you’re making the deal with the person of interest. You will also be briefed by the property agent about the state of the property or the requirements of the buyer before you’re set to meet up with the person of interest. This is one of the first things that you will need to pay attention to from your property agents.


    Yes, it cannot be stressed enough that when it comes down to businesses involving property, you will need to understand how the areas surrounding it, or the locals, work. This might be quite tough if you’re up and about it yourself as you will need to not only figure out by yourself who the landowner is and if you can trust the person who just gave you that particular information.

    This is where you will truly benefit from the assistance of a professional property agent. Property agents know well about the area surrounding the property that suits your preferences and they will also likely give you recommendations or alternatives to the property that you might have already taken an interest in.

    local smart property agency

    You will also then need to make sure that the recommendations given are trustworthy. Make sure that the clients that are recommended by the property agents all have testimonials or statements that you can look up and find to be easily accessible. This is also where the first point about property agents, which is “Communication”, really valuable in order to get to this second part. Make sure that you can dig out as much information about the clients that the property agent is recommending, and you will also be able to tell the openness and the trustworthiness of the property agent that is assisting you through this “test”.


    The third most important point that you will need to make sure about the property agency is their proficiency in the legalities and the regulations. With a high degree of proficiency in the legal matters, your property agency will definitely be able to get you out of a tight pinch, especially when you’re talking through a deal with the person of interest. With this knowledge, your property agents will also be able to give you very informative and, most importantly, legal advice about the property in general all the way to the end of the transaction.

    These three points complement each other in a way that is not quite separable. As such, you must always pay attention to at least three of these things when you decide to jump into the world of property business and require the assistance of property agencies and their talented property agents.

    contact real estate agent

    So, if you’re still looking for property agents who can give you the most informative, unbiased, and legal advice about property in general, look no further. We here at Furo Property Bali are always ready and thrilled to give you all that you need to know about properties! Give us a call here!

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    How Important Are Property Agents?

    Whether you’re a seller, a landlord, a buyer, or a tenant, you would really appreciate the assistance of professionals (property agents) when it comes down to business involving properties. This is most especially true because properties can be quite a challenging matter to master and having professionals who can get you going on the right track will make your curve in learning this particular business not as steep.

    So, exactly what “professionals” are we talking about here? When we’re dealing with properties, property agencies are where you can find property agents who can help you with all the answers to your inquiries about properties and how to acquire them. With that being said, questions might arise. How can a property agent help me in getting me on the right track? Such an interesting question demands thorough answers and we are going to touch on this subject in this very article. Let’s get it started!


    Now, property agents have quite diverse responsibilities. They deal with both the buyers and the sellers sides of the spectrum and they are there to bridge these essential elements to the growth of property business together. How do property agents build this bridge of trust?

    property agents

    Let’s start it off by the duties of property agents on the buyers’ side:

    1. Trustworthy Information Seeker

    Yes, it cannot be stressed enough that information is always a valuable asset and acquiring one that you can always trust is no small feat. This is where professional property agents play their utmost important role.

    Professional property agencies will have property agents that know the area well and they will be the ones who can and will carve out the most valuable information about the surrounding area. Not only that, but professional property agents will also be able to give you all there is to know about the laws regulating the area of the property that you are looking for.

    2. Budgeting Advisor

    Professional property agents will be able to assist you to get the most bang out of your buck by giving you a list of recommendations of property that will suit your budget. This can be particularly tricky especially if you’re new to the area.

    Having multiple choices when it comes to buying or renting properties cannot be anymore essential and knowing that the choices that are given can be guaranteed and trusted are also always something you will never pass out. Property agents excel in giving you lists of properties available and professional ones will always be one-step ahead when it comes to updating these lists so that you, as the buyer, can have the most satisfying experience in searching for the perfect property.

    3. Transaction Manager

    Professional property agents stand as the bridge for buyers and sellers and this bridge does not only last half-way, but all the way until both ends can call it a deal. Once you, as the buyer, have assessed the property that has taken your interest, a professional property agency will walk both you and the seller through the process of the transaction.

    Property agents will ensure that no errors are overlooked as this very part can potentially break the bond that the buyers and the sellers have created so far. Property agents will be the seal in the agreement of the purchase and they will always be ready to keep both the buyers and the sellers on the same page every time.

    Now these are all some of the duties that property agents must take responsibilities for.

    Let’s now jump into the duties of property agents in the sellers’ end of the spectrum:

    1. Property Quality Control Surveyor

    Property agents are those who will get sellers or landlords their sought-for tenants and buyers and in order to do so, property agents must always preface that trust is key for success. That being said, property agents are responsible to make sure that the properties are in tiptop shape and ready for sale.

    Property agents will assess, take pictures of the properties and ensure that leaks or broken features are made aware to the sellers or landlords so they can get to fixing them. This will definitely help the second primary task that property agents will carry out in order to get your properties on the up and up and ready for sale.

    2. Property Promoter

    The second primary task that property agents are responsible for is in the promoting of the properties. Yes, this is why the first line of duty, which is to perform thorough quality control over the property that is going to be up for sale is highly important.

    Promoting properties can be a daunting task if you’re not well-acquainted with the locals in your area and word-of-mouth is not quite enough for your property to build up trust and hype. Property agents are able to assist you in this by providing you with the platform to advertise your property and they can also help you spread the word of your property even faster as they will basically be able to be the hub of various properties and draw even bigger chances for buyers to stick their interest in your property.

    Once a buyer is hooked to your property, property agents’ third primary task can then be set in motion.

    3. Versatile Negotiator

    Once the quality control of a property has been properly assessed, and exposed to a larger audience, property agents will then be able to assist the sellers and landlords in negotiating with potential buyers and tenants. These negotiation skills will play a key role in opening up more opportunities for sellers and landlords to acquire buyers’ interest.

    With this in mind, property agents will be the designated intermediary in the representation of sellers’ properties. If the first part of property agent’s duty is carried out well, it will definitely boost the likelihood of buyers to be sold with the property being represented.

    Now, what exactly do you need to pay attention to when choosing the right property agent for you? That’s a really valid question and below are the things that you will need to keep in mind:


    Property agencies are wise to hire property agents who have been in the business long and having expert property agents will truly benefit not only the sellers when it comes to breaking the deals, but also the buyers as they are searching for the perfect property.


    Professional Property Agencies will display property agents on their website and how long they have been working in the business and the agency itself. Property agents are the heart and soul of a property agency, so knowing who they are and how long they’ve been in the business can mean that you will be able to rest assured that you are in the right hands.

    Property agents are not the only ones that matter in building trust. So, you will also need to pay attention to the clients that a particular property agency has been working with for the past few years or so. Property agency’s standing is just as good as the clients that they have been handling, so you will have to make sure that the clients that the property agency has been working with are all legitimate and trustworthy.


    Professional property agencies will proudly state their legitimacy as a business by providing as much information regarding their agency on their website. Information about whether they are a personal entity or a part of a bigger company is one of the examples.

    Professional and legitimate property agencies will show you how their agency comes to be, even some will even go as far as telling you the reason behind the naming of the agency itself. They will be more than happy to share with you where they are located and how you can reach them.

    With the above being said, this brings us to the third important aspect you must pay attention to when choosing the right property agency for you.


    Yes, location matters. Different location will require different tone and ways to approach the culture. This is why it is important to have property agencies who can not only get you the perfect deal, but also introduce you to the culture in a way that’s not quite overbearing.

    Professional property agents will be able to guide you through the laws with ease and do not overload you with information such as the unspoken rules and the traditions as their primary duty is to get you to the right buyer and the right seller for your property.

    These are the things you will need to pay a good attention to when choosing the right property agents for you. Hopefully, you’re now a bit more warmed up in your journey to mastering property business through knowing how property agents work.

    If you have any further question you’d like to ask about properties, please do not hesitate and give us a call! We are always thrilled to answer all your inquiries and get you going on the right track!

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    Renting Property 101: Essential Checklist To Consider

    Renting property might just be what you’d like to consider, especially when you’re out and about to experience the thrill of seizing opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, Bali is one of the destinations in Indonesia that offer not only the tropical delight, but also the opportunity to grow. The feel and the view in Bali are unparalleled and this is made clear by the fact that Bali is chock-full of tourist spots. Naturally, then, accommodations are just as abundant as the tourist spots themselves.

    Now, with all the above being said, owning property might just be a bit too much for those that are looking to expand their work experience, or those that are only looking to get the feel of a particular location that has generated quite a lot of hype, or in other words, a tourist attraction. So then, we are going to take a deeper dive into why renting property is a very lucrative option!


    renting property

    1. Zero Maintenance Cost

    Once you landed yourself a deal with the landlord of a property that you find particularly interesting in terms of its location, you have practically signed up for a free maintenance of the property as all the maintenance jobs are all the landlord’s responsibility. So, if you find yourself in a pickle with one of the features that comes with the property that you rent, like, let’s take for an example, the sink doesn’t work, you can report that to the landlord and they’ll be responsible for the cost of the repair.

    2. Significantly Lower Down Payment Cost

    Renting property will net you a good deal when it comes to managing your budget. You will not only need to pay for the maintenance (provided you didn’t go about and break things), but you will also benefit from the fact that the down-payment cost for a rented property is significantly lower than purchasing a property. Down-payments are also varied and the variant hinges upon the landlords themselves.

    The “down-payment” might also come in a form of an insurance cost that will need to be covered by the tenant. The “insurance” cost that you, as the tenant, need to pay will be used to cover basically every feature that exists within the property, such as furniture, and the likes.

    So, don’t be afraid to look around and you will find just the right property with just the right down-payment required. This is most definitely one of the obstacles that you can overcome by getting yourself connected to trusted property agencies as they will be more than happy to help and guide you to find the perfect property that you can rent.

    3. High Flexibility

    By choosing to rent a property, you have pretty much freed yourself from the bind of committing to a particular location. With this in mind, you can also always search for cheaper alternatives when you’re out and about with practically zero worries about the possible decreasing value of the property that you have rented. The only commitment that you will only have to worry about is basically the making-sure of the fact that you’re not the one causing a commotion inside or around the vicinity of the property that you rent.

    4. Eligible To Apply Indonesia Retirement Visa (For Foreigners)

    Renting Property in Bali, especially in the long term contract (min. 1 year), you will be eligible to apply KITAS. Yes, one of requirements to have for you applying Indonesia Retirement Visa is the contract of renting property in Indonesia.

    In this case, if you want to live in Bali, you have to have the contact of renting property in Bali. If you succeed to get a retirement visa in Indonesia, you basically can spent most of your retirement time by exploring the hidden gems in Bali. With tens of cultural festivals, beaches, mountain, and other beauties of tropical island, you will never get bored of and always find something new to explore.

    If you need a hand to help you getting the retirement visa in Indonesia, we would like to recommend you reading our article: Indonesia Retirement Visa.

    Now, then, with all the aforementioned benefits that you can gain from renting property, there are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind before renting. Let’s take a closer look into them.


    location of renting property

    Yes, as essential as it is true, the location will truly impact the experience that you will have when you decide to rent a property. Beachside, cliffside, riverside; all of these lovely places are some of the things that you will need to put in your check box. This is most especially true when it comes to renting property in Bali.

    Now, when we talk about Bali, we have to talk about either Kuta or Seminyak. Why those two? Well these places are two of the most developed areas, perfect for tourists in Bali and it is only natural for these two places to be ripe with many people looking for accommodation. So, yes, if you’re the type of person who would like to be in on the action of the attraction in Bali, these two locations might just be your preferred option.

    As for other locations in Bali and their perks, you might just find our article talking about the viability in investing a property in Bali interesting.


    price of renting

    When it comes to renting property, prices can be a very subjective topic and this is one of things that can be an obstacle. What this means is some people might just find the price of a particular property is a bit over their budget, and some might just find the price is just right within their budget, but the feature that they’re looking for is lacking.

    So, in order to overcome this obstacle, you will need to make sure that you have created a checklist of things that you’d like for the best experience possible. You will also need to make sure that you mention the budget that you have and require. Once you’ve done so, you can then get the help from the people that you trust to gain this information for you.

    This is where a property agent can truly be your best bet in finding just the perfect property for you. Having the help of a trusted property agent working in a well-known and trusted property agency will ease up your search and at the end of the day, will get you even bigger connections that can prepare you for your next journey.


    property agent

    A trusted property agency will have experienced property agents ready to assist you in clearing your doubts by giving you recommendations and alternatives to your search for the best possible property. As a tenant looking for the perfect place to rent, the experience is guaranteed to be no different and you will find the assistance of property agents to be very hassle-free.

    Experienced property agents will also be able to give you insights regarding the legal, and the financial side of the business. With these insights, you will have a better idea of how things play out and get you hooked up to the trusted landlord and ultimately, the property you’ve been looking for.

    So, are you ready to find the perfect property with just the right price for you? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to get you there!

  • Live in Bali

    Indonesia Retirement Visa: Live In Bali

    The relatively low cost of living, warmer all year round climate and general slower pace of life have been attracting retirees to Bali and Indonesia for quite some time. The Indonesian retirement visa allows those aged over 55 to stay in Indonesia for a longer period of time enabling them to live in Bali. With the multiple entry permit you may leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like.

    Many people who move to Bali to Retire are often taken aback by the bureaucracy and sometime drawn out procedures to achieve anything official. At Furo Property Bali , we can assist to help refer you to a trusted agent which will take care of all your necessary affairs such as Visa applications, Insurances etc., to ensure that your life is stress free.

    Qualification For Indonesia Retirement Visa To Live In Bali

    AgeYou must be 55 years of age or over.
    WorkYou must have no plan to work in Indonesia.
    Life & Health InsuranceInsurance provider can be a company of your choice but must provide cover in Indonesia.
    HomeYou must have at least a 1 year lease agreement.
    Maid/HelperYou must hire a maid or domestic helper (1).
    FundsYou must give evidence that you can support yourself with either a bank statement showing over US$18,000 in the account or proof of other support payments equaling this such as investment or pension.

    Benefits of the Indonesia Retirement Visa

    ResidentYou may live in Bali for years*
    Entry/ExitYou can arrive and leave as many times as you want with the multiple exit/entry visa
    LeaseYou can take out a lease on a property
    DriveYou can obtain an Indonesian driving license. An international driving license is only permitted for short stays and no other license is valid in Indonesia
    BankYou can open and Indonesian Bank account
    DiscountsResidents will often be offered preferential rates in hotels, attractions in contrast to the tourist prices

    Documents Needed To Process Your Retirement Visa

    The documents you will need to process your Retirement Visa to live in Bali

    How to Live in Bali ?

    – A copy of your Valid passport – the passport should have at least another 18 months validity and also must have at least 6 empty pages (Indonesia love stamps!)

    – A letter stating that you intend to employ a maid.

    – You need to prove your lease with a copy of your signed contract agreement which clearly shows the amount you leased the unit for and the owners details.

    – A copy of your health and life insurance policies. This is to ensure that you will not become incumbent on the state in the future and are able to care for yourself.

    – Copy of your bank account statement or proof that you are receiving a regular dividend from you investment or pension or any other documentation that proves you have enough funds to support yourself

    – Passport Photographs with red background

    – A sponsor letter

    Once the visa is ready you will receive a “Telex Visa ” to present to the embassy in your country along with your passport and passport photo. We always recommend you to contact your local Indonesian Embassy since they might require additional documentation when processing your Indonesian Visa.

    Once you have your Visa, you may arrive in Bali and then we will arrange an appointment for you and accompany you to the Indonesian Immigration office for your fingerprint taking and interview in order for the immigration to convert your visa to a Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS).

    This KITAS is then renewable annually (which we will take care of). The KITAS will be renewed up to 4 times (5 years) after which you can convert it to a KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) which is valid for 5 year intervals.

    Note that to come and go as you please you need to also have a Multiple exit, re-entry permit (MERP) which is renewable every six months to allow you freely to exit and re-enter Bali.

    Updated September 2020.
    Please note the above information was correct at the time of going to print, however is subject to change therefore it is best to contact us when the time comes to clarify the updated regulations. Indonesia are currently making some big changes to encourage foreign investment and even property ownership as well as amendments to the Tax laws which will all have an even more positive impact on your retirement in Bali

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    Bali Real Estate Investment Planning

    What is your profit strategy?

    Capital Appreciation vs. Monthly Recurring Passive Income (Note on different tax of the different approaches)

    When it comes to investing (investment planning), there will be only one thing in the mind of every investor. The question is “How do I make profits?”

    There are many ways investing in real estate can generate profits. The first approach is Capital Appreciation. As we all know that in general all real estate prices or valuation will eventually appreciate as there is limited supply of land. The price appreciation is also dependent on the demand and the development of that particular area. Different areas have different growth rates.

    So, it is safe to say that any piece of real estate will increase in value. However, the question is when will it meet the investor’s target price of profits. Some are looking at just 20% appreciation, some 100% and how long is the wait to get there?

    Another way of making money from real estate is through rental income. Within Bali, there are different forms of rental income. Rental from land, meaning leasing the land to a tenant for a fixed number of years (example: 25 years). Rental of villa or apartment to tenant.

    Another approach could also be a combination of both. By identifying the objectives, will make hunting of the real estate as well as investment planning easier and approach differs.

    Investors Objective

    1. Ability to buy the properties at low price
    2. Ability to rent / sell the properties quickly at a markup

    What is your exit strategy and time horizon as an investor?

    investment planning

    This is another question when considerations to invest. By determining the time horizon, it will have direct impact to financing and also the monthly leverage / installments if you should decide on loans to finance the real estate.

    Time Horizon might also have other impacts to your investments should as the appreciation value might not be as expected.

    To illustrate this better, an example is

    Your expectations to exit – 10 years
    New area development completion – 15 years

    This means you might be exiting too early and might lose the upside growth potential of the real estate and exit at its peak.

    Budgeting , Financing and Leverage (Investment Planning)

    i) How you intent to finance your real estate?
    ii) Are you purchasing a build up property or a land?
    iii) Will you be taking a loan or cash?

    Typical down-payment for Indonesia range between 15- 25% of the final transaction price as down-payment, depending on the size of the property as well as the number of property you have purchased before.

    Loans from local banks are as follows:

    For first-time buyers, the bank will be financing up to 85% of the purchase price, up to 80% of the purchase price for second time buyers, and 75% for third time buyers of house larger than 70 square meters (sqm)

    Home Loan Calculator (Mortgage Simulation)

    How do you intent to finance the monthly installments are also questions?

    real estate investment planning

    Through other sources of earned income or from the rental income, these will have an impact how much you personally can afford also if the installments is going to rely on rental income there would be considerations for long term or short term holiday rental?

    Long term rental would probably have lesser margins but stability of income, short term holiday rental is dependable on the travel season and occupancy rates etc.

    These questions highlights the initial phase of real estate planning. Our next article will be focusing on

    • Understanding Supply and Demand of the Market
    • Defining the location that you are targeting
    • Type of land (Freehold vs Leasehold)
    • Existing infrastructure and future planned developments
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    Bali Real Estate: How Viable Is Property Investment?

    We have all heard about “Invest in Bali Real Estate!” , and this is not without a reason as these enticing words are supported by quite solid layers of facts. For the past 15 years, Bali has been one of Asia’s best performers. This is also supported by the fact that the prices for Bali Real Estate and Property have seen the increase of 15% year over year (YoY). Vacant land prices in Bali are also naturally increasing over time and they are still among the top in the world!

    Bali Real Estate Profits 15% Year Over Year (YOY) – Truth or Myth?

    Tax Office Documentation Of Land Tax and Price (Notice the land appreciation price in red box)

    bali real estate

    The fundamentals of Real Estate and Property are based on supply and demand and Bali as it is, has been one of the top tourist island destinations on Earth. Bali has been and still is the destination that is sought after by commercial investors as well as individual investors since the demands are on the steady increase.

    Understanding Supply and Demand of Bali Real Estate & Property

    Facts regarding demands in Bali Real Estate & Property

    1) Tourist Accommodations – Opening of new resorts have never quite stopped. What this means is that commercial investors are always looking to develop resorts or hotels and they have been purchasing lands for supply to this target segment. This fact is also what has helped the prices to keep on increasing!

    2) Alternative Accommodations for Tourists – Ever since the advent of Airbnb, tourists are now looking for non-traditional accommodations and are in the lookout for villas that can offer what 5-star resorts offer! The reason behind this is because villas allow the guests or tourists the luxury of private pools and bigger spaces with the service level comparable to what 5-star resorts can actually provide.

    3) Long Term Residents – Companies are now going online and pursuing digital marketing and this drives many remote workers to relocate to Bali! Why is that? The reason behind this is because having an all-year round tropical weather as well as affordable living standards within an island paradise is a dream that most professional millennials are after! This fact is also the main contributor to the steady increase of the amount of accommodations, most especially in Bali. Types of accommodations include hostels, boarding houses and co-living spaces throughout the island of Bali.

    4) Retirement Visa Residents – Bali allows foreigners with a long-term retirement visa to be on the island and this is open for any individuals over the age of 55 with a certain set of qualifications. This fact also allows for the residents to stay on the island a whole year and they can always have this extended for 5 additional years afterwards.

    Bali real estate

    Facts regarding Supply in Bali Real Estate & Property

    1) Building Restrictions – Bali is one of the places that you can find in the world that have a maximum building height restriction. The main reason for this is because the people in Bali are quite the religious type! Traditional Bali residences should not be constructed higher than the temple. However, this particular restriction is also what makes Bali stands out as an island. This is also what will make Bali to never feel like a cosmopolitan city with high-rise buildings!

    Indonesian government continues to enforce this restriction and they make sure that the maximum height limit is 15 metres or even 12 metres in some regions. This restriction had resulted in quite a pickle and impacted especially commercial real estate investors as they have to acquire a wider land space for their resorts as they are unable to stack floors upwards so they will need to expand horizontally to accommodate their ideal number of rooms.

    The only building that goes into the list of the exception is Grand Bali Beach Hotel. This hotel was built in the 60’s and has reached 10 floors! This exception was made because it is owned by the government and was constructed to host a world event back in the day.

    2) Area / province development – Areas that see the most development are the ones that are sited around tourist areas. These areas include the western part of Bali. They are Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu. Just a tiny bit of spoiler, Canggu is currently the hottest venue all around Bali!

    Now, the demand of properties that are close to the beach have created such a hype, and therefore, it only makes sense that Real Estates close to the airport and the beach are the main forces driving the prices upwards.

    Indonesian government is planning to build a domestic airport up north of the island of Bali and they are currently investing their time and money to develop more accessibility by kickstarting the construction of wider and better roads to the northern part of the island.

    Bali Culture

    Area Of Preference

    Location is always the primary aspect that will never be overlooked when it comes to Real Estate & Property investment. This is because each and every land on earth are never quite the same! This is pretty much why investors are eager and prepared to invest more than the average!

    Beachside, cliffside, riverside; all of these lovely places are (unfortunately) few and far between! So, it’s only natural for those that are looking to for these places to invest as much money as they can as the scarcity of these places can drive flocks of people to come!

    Prices in Real Estate & Property is quite a subjective topic. As such, the latest price that was transacted should only be the reference for benchmark and not a point of comparison.

    Now, coming back to Bali, Kuta and Seminyak are two of the most developed areas perfect for tourists in Bali.. These areas are very well-developed and the fact that they are close the airport, the surf-friendly beaches are only enhancing their already strong strategic location high-ground!

    However, as what they always say, there’s always a bigger fish in the sea and Canggu is becoming even more developed each and every day. Canggu is located just north of Seminyak and since Seminyak is already growing very rapidly, Canggu, being quite close to Seminyak, naturally gains popularity over time. Rice fields are all over Canggu and this can be a very much-needed uniqueness for people who really want the feeling of being in the Countryside of Indonesia.

    Now, into the Southernside of Bali. This part of Bali is quite famous of its being the area for the “Rich”. Southernside of Bali is divided into Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Bukit, Tanjong Benoa and Nusa Dua..
    Nusa Dua is where the world’s finest high-end resort such as St Regis, Mulia, Sofitel, and Hilton reside. These areas typically have cliffs and are located close to the beach which allows resorts and properties to enjoy the unique view of the horizon.

    Family-Oriented area – Now, for those looking to build families, Sanur has always been the top choice for families residing in Bali. Those who would still like to be around the main attraction of Bali but still also require and value privacy might just find Sanur to be the perfect place for them. Sanur is located close to the town of Denpasar, the city center with shopping malls and Gandi; a very well-known Private School. Those that live in Sanur can also have multiple non-tourist dining choices and a child-friendly beach with waves that are not quite as strong as the west coast.

    The wellness, artistic, hippy area – Have you watched the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”? Well, this movie is pretty much the main contributor to the popularity of Ubud. Ubud attracts those that are looking for wellness retreats, artistic inspirations, and the unique pleasure of waking up next to rice fields.

    These are all the main points you will need to know about Bali Real Estate & Property investment! So, if you require further assistance in Bali investment, drop us a call!

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